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Haiguang provide 132 sets of 1000W Floodlight Jiangxi Jiujiang Bridge Lighting

2014-09-12 09:35:51

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Earthquake narrow beam floodlight (HGTGD-009) Product description:
* High-pressure die-cast aluminum housing, polyester surface spray, corrosion-resistant;
* 5mm thick tempered glass heat shock, high temperature silicone seals;
* High purity aluminum launchers, oxidation, emission efficiency is higher than 95%;
* Stainless steel fasteners, hot dip galvanized bracket, easy installation;
* Lighting, electrical integration, suitable for metal halide, high pressure sodium lamps and other light sources;
* Waterproof and dustproof: IP65;
* Applications: railway stations, docks, squares, construction sites and other places inside and outside

Lighting, especially for landscaping, architectural landscape lighting three-dimensional.


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