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Light sea tunnel lights installed 865 sets of Qinhuangdao Funing County Tianjiagou tunnel production

2014-09-12 09:44:06

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Product Code: HGSDD-006

Product Name: HGSDD-006 high-pressure cast aluminum waterproof and dustproof tunnel lights

Power: 70W / 100W / 150W / 250W / 400W

Can be equipped with lamps: metal halide, high pressure sodium

Category: tunnel lights


产品名称:HGSDD-006  高压铸铝防水防尘隧道灯

功  率:70W/100W/150W/250W/400W



HGSDD-006 Product Description:
1 high-pressure die-cast aluminum shell, light electrical integration;
2 is designed for narrow beam, the beam designed anodized aluminum reflector, symmetric and asymmetric light distribution points;
3 high-temperature silicone rubber seals, 5mm thick heat tempered glass;
4 Protection class: greater than or equal IP65;
5 Suitable power source: metal halide / high pressure sodium
70W, 100W, 150W, 250W, 400W;
6 Product Dimensions: Length 570 * W 300 * H 285mm;
7 apply to road tunnels, bridges, tunnels, subways and other underground passages and other lighting applications.

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